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Morningstar Homes is one of the leading volume builders of single family homes in the lower mainland. As a fast growing and progressive company we are always seeking to add to our team of dedicated professionals. Our program seeks to engage personnel on a full time, long-term basis, with strong support, competitive salaries and benefits. Forward your resume and cover letter to

We’ve Created A Company That You Can Succeed In

A Positive Progressive Environment

We believe that the work environment at Morningstar is responsible for our success, that productive and positive employees, trades, suppliers and consultants are our most valuable resource.

A Thorough Orientation

Every new member of the Morningstar family is given a New Hire Orientation within their first few days of employment to ensure that they have an opportunity to be familiarized with Morningstar’s procedures and to be personally introduced to the Morningstar team from reception to senior management.

Recognition For A Job Well Done

At Morningstar, recognition for your hard work is celebrated at every level. From the Say Thank You with a Coffee Program that makes it possible for any employee to personally thank a co-worker for their hard work, to our annual Award of Excellence for an individual’s accomplishments and our appreciation of their contribution to the growth of Morningstar.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Every Morningstar Employee and Trade is valued and respected for their opinion, and are given a platform to voice them through our in-house quality improvement program. These suggestions are reviewed by our management team every week, and quality improvement teams are then used to ensure that the opportunity for improvement is monitored and implemented to Morningstar’s policy and procedures manual.

Put the FUN back into work!

At Morningstar we always try to ensure that the stresses of work are balanced by fun, by coordinating special events to bring the team together for activities such as monthly BBQ’s, Pizza Daze, Team Building and more!

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