How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt!

Set the date. You can choose any day over the Easter long weekend—or the week before. But, if you’re planning on outdoors, be sure to have a back-up rainy day plan.

Pick the location. Choose your front yard or back, whichever is large enough for your group, but not too large that it’s impossible to find the eggs! Make sure it’s safe and set far enough away from the road  … a fenced backyard is perfect! (something that comes with every Morningstar Home!)

Stock up on eggs. The more eggs the merrier! Plan on about 10 eggs per child. Plastic eggs work great whether rain or shine!

Have baskets, buckets, pails. You can request that your guests BYOB (bring your own basket), but play it safe and have some extras on hand. Note, plastic Easter Goodie Bags are also a good choice and hold up well whatever the weather.

Hide the eggs. Choose hiding spots that make sense for the ages of the kids invited with more obvious locations (on the lawn), with others hidden in more challenging spots like tucked inside a mailbox or in lower limbs of the trees.

Ready to hunt. If you’re kids are all different ages, let the youngest kids have first dibs on eggs … and then the older ones can clean up the rest!

Who Wins??  In this Egg Hunt EVERYBUNNY is a winner! For additional fun, try hiding  PRIZE vouchers in some of the plastic eggs and winners can get an extra treat! Plus, have ONE LUCKY GOLDEN EGG for one lucky duckie!


RAISE THE ROOF! As we now have one on the Ferguson show home 😉 The Creekside show home isn’t far behind and framing has begun on the Mapleview & Ridgeway show homes … Cheers to construction & our trades for such a productive week!

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