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What to look for

We know that buying a home is very exciting, and that it’s easy to become distracted from the type of home and community you originally started looking at. There are four main considerations to take into account when buying a home: technology, craftsmanship, the neighbourhood and ease of ownership. No matter what type, size, location and style of home you want, these four cornerstones always apply.

Technology in your home goes beyond the furnace and appliances, the materials and techniques used during construction are equally important. How those materials are used is the second consideration of craftsmanship that can be seen in how doors are fitted, and the quality of the tile work. Thirdly, every home is part of a community, and the quality of the community is as important as the home itself. And lastly, while every new home looks spectacular when it is built, how it looks in years to come, and how much maintenance it requires should also play a large role in your decision making process.

To help you make sure you not only buy the home that you want, but also the home you need, here are some downloadable checklists to fill out before you start looking.

Home Wish List
Neighbourhood Check List